2020 Program Registration is NOW Open!

Education of Self | Selfless Service | Career | Prideful Transition

It only happens once a year!

Registration for Basic Training Boot Camp is NOW OPEN for future Thought & Service Leaders interested in making the world better than they found it. Enrollment is exclusively reserved for youth in the Arizona foster care system, ages 13 to 17. Upon enrollment, Group Home and/or Case Manager will be contacted to schedule an Introduction Meeting to help answer any questions and explain in more detail all the program has to offer.

Those that make an initial commitment to enroll, Boot Camp is next, a three-month program (mid-January through March) setting the stage for the basic skills and life-training that follows. Not all foster youth are ready for such a commitment and not all have the support they need from their Case Managers or Group Home leaders.

Those who make the commitment to continue will begin the two-year program and hopefully transition into the four-year Masterclass. Those courses address the most pressing needs foster teens face in their present and for their future lives. Experiential learning is the method we apply in exposing these foster teens to new life-skills and ways to become more whole - emotionally, spiritually (developing hope and faith) and physically - and to set a vision for their future.

NOTE: Our Commitment is to the KIDS!

Both Case Manager & Group Home Manager must agree as well as the youth being registered. If their Case Manager changes, they move to a different Group Home or most any situation, we’ll make accommodations, if they stay in the Greater Phoenix and surrounding area.

Group Home & Case Managers should register with their contact information and the number of youth they wish to enroll. Upon enrollment, you will be contacted to schedule an Introduction Meeting where further details will be discussed around the young people interested in the program.

For more information visit or contact Colleen Walski, Founder & CEO 480-688-9800 OR Tim Harris, Executive Director of Business Development 480-689-3355

Love, Peer Support & Sense of Family...

Scott Foundation has big aspirations and a different path for Arizona foster youth. We imagine a journey that inspires our kids to be their absolute best today while making our communities stronger and more peaceful. We imagine an education and societal system focused on empowering our foster youth, not just rescuing them. We also imagine a world where these youth are taught that they are not separate, but instead, are accepted for themselves and are a part of the community that surrounds them. That can only happen when they experience that connectedness and develop their self-esteem and self-confidence.

We Provide - You Commit

We Provide

One-on-Ones (November through January)

12 Program Experiences (Jan. thru Mar.)

2 Community Events

Coordination of all Transportation

Meals During Program Hours

All Supplies & Equipment

Performance Evaluation

Opportunity to continue in the Leadership Series

NOTE: Our Commitment is to KIDS!

If their Case Manager changes, they move to a different Group Home or most any situation, we’ll accommodate if they stay in the Greater Phoenix and surrounding area.

You Commit

Seats are filled on a first-come, first serve basis 

Three levels of commitment are needed to fill a seat in the program

Youth - commits that this is THEIR CHOICE to be in the program

Supported commitment, equal to the priority of school are necessary

by both Group Home Manager & DCS Case Manager

*** NOTICE ***

89% of the kids that fall out of the program over the past 12 years


Self-Care & Wellness


We also call this the Finding True Self Project and the scope of this project not only spans internal discovery but also the external, with hands-on experiences that include working with related wellness and self-care industry leaders.  On one hand, participants experience enlightenment, self-love and education of self-awareness, mind, body & spirit, compassion, unity and social inclusion.  On the other hand, exposure to the fields of cosmetology, fashion, hair care, makeup, massage and spa.  All these possibilities exist while advancing the stewardship of caring for those less fortunate.

Farming & Agriculture


Our Balance Project explores a blending of health, science and nature recognizing the importance of the interconnections between them.  The food we consume, how we produce that food and the natural world at large, all part of the cycle of providing food for the world to consume.  These hands-on experiences bring young people together with farmers and ranchers as well as related industry leaders to explore how the world's health and our destiny as a species are inextricably intertwined with the natural world.  Our teens experience growing organic food, composting and farming.

Culinary, Catering & Nutrition


Giving these experiences fun names makes exposure to them even more fascinating. We call this one the Happy Belly Project.  Working side-by-side with industry leaders, our youth learn about the people and where food actually comes from, what balanced nutrition looks like, in-restaurant and catering service options as well as how to prepare specific dishes and serve them. Our participants experience culinary and hospitality awareness, catering, home economics, farmers market, life skills of eating healthy and event planning.

Creative Expression, Arts & Culture


Our Peace Project teaches self-expression through a myriad of vehicles.  So, whether it is painting portraits of the dogs participating in our Annual Fashion Paw Tea event or listening to the ancient sounds of music that existed centuries ago, our teens experience a release that helps form free expression.  Experiences include visual arts, exhibits and shows, digital media, fine arts, graphic design, photography, drawing, dance, drama, theater, music, singing and acting.

Construction, Trades & Housing


The Soul Play Project focuses on humanity, habitats and a sense of community.  Teens gain hands-on experience with problem solving at the very practical level, how creativity is critical to community planning,  the home building industry and how all of us can participate to end homelessness and promote independent living for all foster youth.  Participants experience being exposed to the housing industry, construction and handyman trades.

Environment & Nature


The Rainmaker Project offers hands-on experience with science, space, natural resources and environmental preservation working with industry leaders.  Their awareness is raised to environmental and green solutions that benefit humanity with zero waste or harm to the earth.  Our young people experience the environment and nature, first hand, earth, wind, water, energy, solar, science, space, waste management, pollution and recycling.

Animal Welfare, Care & Rescue


The Wild at Heart Project advances the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats while providing experiences that inspire and motivate young people to care for our natural world. This hands-on experience brings young people together with related industry leaders to create and support programs and events that raise awareness and generate action to rescue, heal, educate and care for animals and their habitats. 

Individual & Mass Communication


 The Happiness Project makes our young people aware that happiness is an inside job.  They learn how verbalization can be healing, soothing to others and help lift their spirits.  Experiences range from speaking to their peers, small and large groups - our kids become more comfortable with themselves, understanding the dynamic relationship with others and even experience what it's like to produce and share the spotlight with their own Thought & Service Leader radio show.  This path includes storytelling, advocacy, public speaking, journalism, radio, TV, the impact emotions have on others, being kind, giving compliments and offering words of encouragement.