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Scott Foundation - Founded in 2007

A soulful story of resilience and purpose that began on an intended journey of re-building hope after her only son, Scott tragically passed.   Scott's Mom, Colleen Walski, paying tribute to her only son, finds the Universe had oddly aligned the destiny of many to make an inspiring impact through the the transformative power of selfless service that continues to enrich the fortune of Scott's ultimate legacy and her own!

Their mission defined by kids through outreach along the way, Scott Foundation honors the lifelong wish of Scott Sean Walski in making a compassionate impact that enhances the spiritual and social emotional well-being of youth in the Arizona foster care system. 

Frustrated by traditional thinking of the nonprofit business model, health and crisis intervention statistics at an all-time high, a failing education system, and inadequate support for children’s social services, Colleen mindfully surrounds herself with present thought leaders, change-makers, and philanthropists that like to take action, and begins serving youth in a way they've never been served before.

Our Vision & Mission

We disrupt the social norm to spark the potential greatness of  kids in the Arizona foster care system.  With a focus on developing inner wealth, we believe in making the world a more peaceful and loving place by emotionally guiding kids to make better choices through selfless service.

The Impact

For the past 12 years, Scott Foundation has impacted the lives of 6,000+ youth through the development of core social emotional and experiential learning with the help of committed support.  Those same youth have made a community impact redirecting nearly $763K in donations back into the community.

Love Grows Here...

Growing next generation Thought & Service Leaders

Scott Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that invests in the 4-year future of Arizona foster youth who wish to make the world better than they found it. 

The foundation produces year-round experiential programming that highlights, inspires and educate youth on the importance of developing inner wealth, while mindfully developing their heart and purposeful career path through selfless service.

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How You Can Help

Our Values - We are what we are trying to create



We know the significance of Self-Love and that there are two selves in all of us. The lower self is concerned about oneself (ego) and the higher self is focused on serving others. We operate as the higher self and are filled with a great sense of well being, integrity, and dedication to our mission and vision. 


We know peace and happiness are within and not in the things of the world. If we are to make the world more peaceful, we need to first be at peace. We remain unruffled and focused on our mission in the face of challenges. 


We know that love is the force that binds us all together and motivates us to serve others. We are filled with great compassion for all and a passion for achieving our vision. 


We see the underlying unity behind the superficial distinctions of ability, color, creed, class, and gender and know we are all one. This allows us to work as a close-knit team that collaborates with others to serve all. 

Selfless Service

We know that selfless service is a source of great joy and lasting happiness and therefore a wonderful instrument for making the world a more peaceful and loving place. We see selfless service as our sacred duty and serve without expectation of any reward. 

Scott Foundation

Where do all of the children go?

Capital Campaign


Make every day Earth Day! Designed to grow and foster a caring community from the ground up, the wellness retreat builds a foundation for a sustainable world. Structural elements include Healing Center, Accommodations, Dining, Healing & Organic Gardens, Spa, Animal & Equestrian Healing Facilities, Events & Weddings, Meetings, Amphitheater and repurposed Gift Boutique. Programs & Activities center around Sustainable Living, Self-Mastership, Health & Natural Remedies, Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle, Clean Energy & Water, Waste Management and Organic Agriculture & Food.  We invite you to continue exploring what it means to be part of the holistic vision that continues to pay it forward long after we’re gone. 

As we continue to evolve we strive for long-term sustainability and the opportunity to break the cycle of foster care, your contributions to the capital campaign directly support our programs and goals that spark the greatness of kids in the Arizona foster care system. Your support makes a difference in developing youth as Thought & Service Leaders both present and future. We thank you for your commitment.

  • The Scott Foundation Governing Board of Vision Keepers approved the feasibility study as part of the Capital Campaign with intent that the results will further drive decision making of Zoning, Land Acquisition, Basic Support Structures and Phase I of Core Facilities.
  • Project budget for the combined cost of the four projects is $6.5 million with another $3.5 million projected to complete Phases II & III.
  • Projects will be funded through a combination of private donations and fundraising.

At the Scott Foundation, we believe that a Wellness Retreat is where wellness becomes reality. Come discover your true essence, connect, heal and relax. The Wellness Retreat is projected to be in the heart of Arizona’s beautiful Sonoran desert near the towns of Cave Creek & Carefree. Guests will enjoy life in balance amongst nature’s wildlife, dramatic sunsets, healing gardens and tranquil trails. A unique venue for celebrating or perhaps inspiration for good as spirituality and science blended for education connects guests with programs that teach sustainable living with the elements of healing energy. Fostering a planetary mind, guests and partners are inspired to higher good as they ignite the light that awakens the soul of children and their community. 


What’s your legacy? 

What do you leave behind that continues to make our world better than you found it?

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