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Love Grows Here

​Youth turn their past into something positive. Realize their dreams while maximizing their potential and a sense of belonging in the community.

Our Foundation Family offers a transition leadership program that fosters conscious living through experiential learning. Cultivating social emotional well-being and real-world content, we offer hands on problem solving that aligns life, education and career goals with a mindful social impact.

What Do You Leave Behind?

            What kind of person do you want to be?

Life/Legacy Plan – What is the history of your future?

How can you make the world better than you found it?

Motivated by tragedy, youth transform to find their true self and become self-supporting, successful, community-minded, “compassionate people”.

Scott Foundation has big aspirations and a different path for Arizona foster youth. We imagine a journey that changes the face of humanity and inspires our kids to be their absolute best today while making tomorrow's world a much better place for all. We imagine an education and societal  system focused on the power of community rather than competition; and we imagine a world where children are taught we are not separate, but instead, we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves - we are one.



Arizona Foster Care Stats & Facts

  • 24,787 - Child Abuse calls that met statutory criteria for a report
  • 5,669 - New Removals
  • 17,984 - Kids in Foster Care
  • 6,337 - Kids Leaving DCS Custody
  • 1,936 - Kids Adopted

Reasons For Children In Care In Arizona

  • 17,415 - Neglect
  • 6,206 - Physical Abuse
  • 1,030 - Sexual Abuse
  • 136 - Emotional Abuse
  • 24,787 - TOTAL


Where Foster Children Are Living

8,166 - Relative

6,169 - Family Foster

1,917 - Group Home

745 - Treatment

511 - Independent Living

330 - Runaway/Absconded

19 - Tribal Home

127 - No Identified Placement


 Source - DCS Semi Annual Reporting Requirements April 16 - September 16 

The cost $513,759 per child, per year

Our tax dollars today direct OVER A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR PER CHILD to serve and keep kids in the system.  Each of these below, additionally has a financial incentive to keep beds and seats full.

  • $24,805 - Imprisonment
  • $114,610 - Juvenile Corrections
  • $8,406 - Human Trafficking & Prostitution
  • $4,703 - Substance Use & Disorders
  • $90,703 - Welfare
  • $29,618 - Pregnancy & Family Services
  • $22,845 - Food Stamps
  • $87,632 - Homelessness
  • $33,985 - Disability Service
  • $88,639 - Healthcare
  • $7,813 - Education

Can you imagine the impact if we re-directed tax dollars to invest in these kids to successfully graduate community-mind, "whole-people" that become leaders of change? 

The time is NOW to build a Culture of Community to support kids.  Join us as we create a loving sustainable system that will  soon render the existing systems obsolete.

How You Can Help

The Results we seek

The Impact

 Scott Foundation takes its commitment to the kids and community seriously. Too many youth are exposed to violence, poverty and crime, which in most cases leads to them repeating the cycle.

Our goal is to nurture a child’s compassionate heart with moral education, lessons in peace-building and selfless service through a program that provides direct experience of the inner values of self-awareness, peace, love, unity and selfless service. 

Offering inner experiences with the creative arts whereby children become motivated to help others through selfless service.  With the foundation of mindfulness, children learn to love themselves and build empathy and compassion through this program’s nurturing of their inherent goodness.

Our desired outcome breaks the cycle of poverty and violence and mindfully develops the heart and purposeful career path of foster kids. Finding true self, they become successful community-minded, "whole-people" with significantly decreased addictive and violent behaviors.  This helps prevent the future need for more costly social and criminal justice services.  These developing leaders step forward and ready to bring about social change; they are our next generation Thought & Service Leaders.

The Results We Seek

  • Improved academic performance and school attendance leading to increased graduation rates
  • Improved attitudes and social behavior, decreasing neighborhood crime and reducing societal costs of future adult crimes.
  • Reduced problem behaviors and likelihood of future juvenile crime
  • Improved health outcomes, including reductions in teen pregnancy, reduced/delayed use of alcohol and illicit drugs
  • Reduced emotional distress and the need for more costly social services and counseling
  • Improved attitudes about self and others; fostering social and relationship skills, including positive peer groups and trust in a caring adult
  • Increased collaborative problem solving, developing goal-oriented and decision making skills
  • Increased participation in program activities and recognized youth involved in mentoring selfless service
  • Increased volunteer hours and direction of community outreach donations
  • Improved parenting skills, stopping the cycle of drugs and violence in the home and building healthy families for our future