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AZ Foster Care Tax Credits

The Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit program assists the foster youth in our community and reduces your state income tax.  Your donation is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your taxes, up to $1,000 per married couple - or $500 per individual. QFCO#10036.

Even if you are currently donating through the Tax Credit Program to an educational nonprofit or another charity in the Valley, Foster Care Tax Credits fall into a separate category, and you are allowed to donate to them in addition.

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SF Charitable Tax Credit Form 

IRS Form 352 


Our membership opportunities will be posted soon!


We are so grateful for our volunteers!  We also welcome you to become a part of this amazing group of individuals.  Volunteer opportunities are many: you can help support our program projects, help with our events or be there to support our participants who are celebrating their successes. In addition, attending quarterly community meetings and other events make it possible for you to interact with our young people that way, too. Or, you can help us grow our community of donors through a variety of fundraising programs. We'd love for you to participate and welcome your support.