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Sir Bark A. Lot's Fashion Paw Tea


Fundraising Brunch & Fashion Show - This fur licking, dog friendly fundraising event is intended to help raise community awareness, build lifelong donors and raise funds.  The brunch is the organization's largest fundraising event of the year, supporting its valuable youth programs while teaching compassion and empathy to present Thought & Service Leaders who are helping senior dogs.


AZ Foster Care Tax Credits - $1,000


The AZ Foster Care Tax Credit assists foster children and reduces your state income tax. Your donation is a DOLLAR-FOR- DOLLAR tax credit on your taxes, up to $1,000 (married couples) or $500 (single filers). QFCO #10036


AZ Foster Care Tax Credits - $500


The AZ Foster Care Tax Credit assists foster children and reduces your state income tax. Your donation is a DOLLAR-FOR- DOLLAR tax credit on your taxes, up to $1,000 (married couples) or $500 (single filers). QFCO #10036


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About Us - Love, Peer support & Sense of Family

What We Do

Too many youth are exposed to violence, poverty and crime, which in most cases leads to them repeating the cycle. 


Our desired outcome breaks the cycle of poverty and violence and mindfully develops the heart and purposeful career path of foster kids.  Finding true self, they become successful community-minded, "whole-people" with significantly decreased addictive and violent behaviors. Instead they compassionately transform to become our next generation Thought & Service Leaders.

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Who We Serve

We disrupt the social norm to spark the potential greatness of AZ foster kids.

Invest for a charitable return.  You may not be in a position to adopt a child but most everyone in Arizona is in a position to sponsor or invest in a young person's future.  Your sponsorship or tax credits are personal and is matched with a child in the program.  

Awakening the Superhero inside, our Young Adult Masterclass Program holistically invests to fulfill the individual youths social-emotional well-being, dreams, education, work-learn experiences and safely transitions them to independent living.  

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How You Can Help

We aim for Global Wellness

Everyone can do something...  We invite you to expand the way you look at the world and become part of the Vision, a lifestyle, a movement that unites and strengthens the abilities of business professionals, community members, educators, parents and caretakers to develop caring, ethical foster children.

Ready to help make a change in a foster child's life? There are many ways that you can make a significant difference and help affect the change that is so desperately needed.

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Where does my money go?

More than 80% of proceeds directly support programs


Foster kids enrolled in our programs have passionately identified 9 areas of global concerns they personally wish to address. Part of our role at Scott Foundation is to listen, create a deeper learning experience and remove any barriers or obstacles that get in their way. This year, Community Vision Partners have created MORE THAN 81 ACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCES NEED FUNDING.  

Tax Credits for AZ Foster Kids.  


13% Goes towards implementation of long-term sustainability


With a growing wait list and 4,000+ foster kids eligible for our programs in Arizona alone our succession plan and sustainable business model continues to build and serve a Culture of Community.  Once program cost are fulfilled,  13% of the proceeds are allocated towards our capital campaign efforts which presently will funds the feasibility study with intent that the results will further drive decision making of Zoning, Land Acquisition, Basic Support Structures and Phase I of Core Facilities.

Tax Credits for AZ Foster Kids.  

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Only 7% is allocated to support administration costs


What’s your legacy? 

What do you leave behind that continues to make our world better than you found it?

Fostering a planetary mind, our Scott Foundation Family works tirelessly for higher good as they love and ignite the light that awakens the soul of children and their community.  Today we prepare our growing Thought & Service Leaders for what will be there's tomorrow.

Tax Credits for AZ Foster Kids. 

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