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Young Adult Masterclass

Too many youth are exposed to violence, poverty and crime, which in most cases leads to them repeating the cycle.  Our desired outcome breaks the cycle of poverty and violence and mindfully develops the heart and purposeful career path of foster youth. 

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Work-Learn Scholarships

Uncertain of their options, our growing Thought & Service Leaders are given 8 different Work-Learn opportunities where they earn and learn at the same time.

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Master Grad International Ambassador Exchange

Promoting mindful living, global wellness and sustainable living.  They unite with like-minded young adults to lead and serve their communities while continuing to develop their strengths.

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Young Adult Masterclass

Love, Peer Support & Sense of Family...

 In our modern educational systems, overwhelming emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills and knowledge that will enable young people to find a job or practice a profession.  Preoccupation with this aspect of education hides the deeper and more important role of education which is to help develop the universal traits of human character in children.  These include confidence, compassion, courage, integrity, kindness, respect, tolerance, optimism, selfless service, and all the other qualities that bring peace, happiness, and success to oneself, one’s family, and society.

Our Young Adult Masterclass Program is a 4 year program that holistically invests to fulfill the individual young person’s social-emotional well-being, dreams, education, work-learn experiences and safely transitions them to prideful independent living through Experiential and Social Emotional Learning.   Social Emotional Learning is the process through which Youth acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Program begins at the request of Department of Child Safety (DCS) to meet the needs of Transition Age Youth dually enrolled in DCS and Health Care Assistance.  Enrollment begins for young adults ages 13-17 with continued support service until the age of 25, provided the student remains in good standing. 

Love Grows Here...

Growing next generation Thought & Service Leaders

Scott Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that invests in the 4-year future of Arizona foster youth who wish to make the world better than they found it. 

The foundation produces year-round experiential programming that highlights, inspires and educate youth on the importance of developing inner wealth, while mindfully developing their heart and purposeful career path through selfless service.

Education of Self | Selfless Service | Career | Transition

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Work-Learn Scholarships

Paying it forward...


A different future (Developing Self-Esteem, Confidence & Achievement)

By year 2, youth have drafted their business plans and it's time to learn how to implement and put their vision it into action.  Work side-by-side with Valley Entrepreneurs & Business Executives that like to take action, they  experience as a team the steps necessary to implement and pitch their chosen plan to Investors that have guided them along the way.  While their community outreach continues with added learning experiences, they also take on more responsibilities trying on 9+ Career Opportunities through hands-on experience, Internship & Apprenticeship.  Was it what they envisioned?  Is this really the direction they want to take?  What impact does it have on their goal to make a difference?  What type of people are they surrounded by?  Is this a positive work environment?  Youth reflect, review and adjust their plans then try on the next Work-Learn experience.

Responsibilities increase as their Mentoring Fellowship begins, it's their turn to Pay It Forward and become a Buddy to help another Foster Youth through the program.

Master Grad International Ambassador Exchange

Exploring the future


Building dreams (Cultivating Self-Actualizing & Creativity)   

When heroes walk among us (Security of Resources, Support, Home, Balance of Mind, Body & Spirit)

With another year of experience behind them, their business plans now implemented and making an impact in the community.  Another Fellowship promotion advances our growing Thought & Service Leaders to Ambassadors.  Here they begin sharing of social impact projects with student in other states and countries.  Additionally, our Master Grad Program continues to prepare youth for college or trade schools interests.  At this stage Volunteer and Community Outreach has become a lifestyle and their acquired skills and businesses build hope for others. Responsibility as International Ambassadors shift their thinking as they address how they handle the multiple invitations to other states and countries where like minded youth are making a difference.  What will my role be? Do I need to adjust my business plan to be of service at a different level?  Will we go together?  Can we support all of the invitations? 


2019 SF 4-Year Program At-A-Glance (pdf)


2019 Fact Sheet (pdf)