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Global Wellness Raffle - Raffle tickets are $1,000 each and 50/50 ADD-ON tickets are $100 each. Add-on Tickets are separate tickets that can only be purchased in conjunction with a primary raffle ticket. 


No more than 900 raffle tickets will be issued, only 550 tickets must be sold to give away the Grand Prize.  There is no limit on the number of Add-On Tickets for sale.


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Donations & Tax Credits


Help nurture seeds of change.  Arizona has nearly 18,000 children in the foster care system with excessive costs of $513,759+ per child, per year and this covers only the most pressing issues that social services provide!  Arizona taxpayers can now utilize the Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization (QFCO) Tax Credit when donating to ​ The Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit assists foster children in our community and reduces your state income tax. Your donation is a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR tax credit on your taxes, up to $1,000 (married couples) or $500 (single filers).  This act of kindness won't cost you a penny, it's simply a designation of where your funds go.  

SF Charitable Tax Credit Form below and Form 352 




 Interested in sponsoring? Find a sponsorship package that is perfect for you, or let us build a custom package to fit your needs!  The opportunities are endless...  


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Join Us As A Table Host


Every year we ask for individuals who can help introduce Scott Foundation to our local community at our annual Fashion Paw Tea as a Table Host. Table Hosts are key volunteers, donors, community leaders, Board members and friends of Scott Foundation who would like to share their interest in the organization who would like to attend the brunch event and would like to bring a few guests along with them. A 30 minute training session covers how to ask individuals to join you, what to expect leading up to and on the day of the event, and how to register yourself and your guests.

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Where does my money go?

more than 80% of proceeds directly support programs


Foster youth enrolled in our programs have passionately identified 9 areas of global concerns they personally wish to address. Part of our role at Scott Foundation is to listen, create a deeper learning experience and remove any barriers or obstacles that get in their way. This year, Community Vision Partners have created MORE THAN 81 ACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCES NEED FUNDING.

13% Goes towards implementation of long-term sustainability


With a growing wait list and 4,000+ foster youth eligible for our programs in Arizona alone our succession plan and sustainable business model continues to build and serve a Culture of Community.  Once program cost are fulfilled,  13% of the proceeds are allocated towards our capital campaign efforts which presently will funds the feasibility study with intent that the results will further drive decision making of Zoning, Land Acquisition, Basic Support Structures and Phase I of Core Facilities.

Only 7% is allocated to support administration costs


What’s your legacy? 

What do you leave behind that continues to make our world better than you found it?

Fostering a planetary mind, our Scott Foundation Family works tirelessly for higher good as they love and ignite the light that awakens the soul of children and their community.  Today we prepare our growing Thought & Service Leaders for what will be there's tomorrow.